How Marketer And Machine Will Learn To Work Together

Download this industry FIRST and ONLY study on how brands and agencies are adopting and experiencing artificial intelligence in marketing.
In late 2017, we set out to determine the nuances in mindset between two distinct AI user groups: brand and agency marketers. The results of the survey are now available in this industry first report. The report compares where each group stands on a variety of topics such as the performance and efficiency benefits that are most important to each, which tasks they’ve found most difficult to give up to a machine, and their upfront reasons for resistance, if any.
Survey respondents were asked about AI marketing tools in general, as well as specifically about their experiences with Albert.
Key findings in this report include:
  •  Artificial Intelligence is helping brands and agencies transcend silos: 33% of respondents are using AI across three marketing channels.
  •  Brands specifically value efficiencies that free up their time for creative or higher-level strategic activities.
  •  Agencies are more likely to apply AI insights across silos and campaign-wide.
  •  Both brands and agencies, 7 out of 10 to be exact, are looking to AI to get more value from their marketing investments.