Cross Channel Execution

Holistic Cross-Channel Orchestration


Albert is the first, fully autonomous digital marketer, unifying paid media activity into a single point of execution. Leveraging historical data from your paid channel accounts and connected to your first party data sources, Albert is able to holistically manage and optimize your activity across channels, creating a lot of efficiency and effectiveness from every ad dollar spent.

Albert’s Open Line of Communication between Your Brand and Your Customer

Albert’s targeting is based on your objectives, previously collected CRM data, incoming engagement data, and Albert’s calculations.

Albert creates a lot of efficiency in spend, effectiveness in performance, as well as helps you deliver more personalized experiences to each and every customer. While integrations vary client by client, Albert is the mediator in a conversation between your brand’s assets and campaign information in the following categories:

  • Customer Data
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Product Catalog/Info
  • Paid Media Channels
  • Tag Management
  • Converted User Data
  • Site Activity

Autonomous – The Third Generation in Digital Marketing

An autonomous solution like Albert, which is built from the ground up on AI, requires little to no input or supervision from humans and is completely autonomous in that it acts on data, learns from its decisions, and adjusts accordingly. Whereas an automated solution simply sets rules, autonomous solutions are much more dynamic and fluid, creating flexible guidelines that are constantly being reworked to ensure maximum optimization and ROI for your campaigns.


  • Holistic overview & single point of execution
  • Cross-channel, autonomous decision making
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Thrives off experimentation
  • Continuous learning

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