AI marketing technology:

Learn how Cellarmasters is getting ahead of the game with AI

Image of a table with wine on it for cellarmasters case study about the company adopting AI marketing technology through Marketics

Cellarmasters, Australia’s largest direct supplier of boutique wines appointed Marketics in 2018, to scale its marketing and product offer decision making, to allow them to respond in real time to customer behaviour using AI marketing technology.

Digital marketing has proven to be a strong acquisition channel for Cellarmasters, and it continues to grow. Managed in house, it experienced resource constraints as a result of a significant increase in the competitive landscape and sophistication of digital advertising channels.

Legacy data systems provide limitations to integrate with most of the latest platforms and applications, which had limited Cellarmasters in accessing big data, or the right data, to execute fast and effective marketing campaigns. This is what made Albert so appealing – AI marketing technology that connects directly to search and social media accounts, allowing implementation to take place without having to touch custom systems.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Albert provided an AI solution that could integrate with digital advertising accounts and would scale the Cellarmasters marketing and product offer decision making at pace, and react in real time to customer behaviour.

Albert’s ability to execute autonomously and at speed was appealing, and created opportunities to free up the team to focus on strategy, exploring new opportunities and find efficiencies across their total digital marketing and distribution channels.

Download the full case study to hear from Cellarmasters on why they choose to respond with AI  technology, and how it is revolutionising their digital marketing strategy.