The thinking is human, the execution AI

Most of us have some interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) each day, although we may not always knowingly engage. It’s a behind the scenes intelligence of extraordinary capability that is becoming increasingly prolific in both our social and business lives.  

Naturally, societal fears creep in around loss of control in decision making and governance, and ideas that robotic forms will take over human functions, creating a new workforce of the future without real ticker in sight. Throw a few sci-fi movies into the mix (i.e. The Terminator’), and there’s cause for alarm. 

But is there? The simple answer, yes and no. For us to readily embrace and leverage AI to its full extent, we must first address our fears. 

Will a robot take my job?  

Possibly. If your role is a mundane, high volume data crunching one, then let’s be honest – your role probably is at risk. A machine could do it better. Humans simply don’t have the intellectual capability to compete with a machine at speed and at scale.   

However, if theres an element of strategic analysis and interpretation of data in your role, which then informs business decision making, budgeting and strategic planning, then youll still be required to perform your job. Albeit, with some assistance perhaps. 

Enter onto the scene, Albert AIYour reliable and tireless partner who works 24/7. While you’re on annual leave, relaxing over a weekend, and having those essential business lunches to build client rapport, Albert is working. Non-stop. You simply can’t keep up.  

Nor should you try. It’s a partnership, AI and the human, coming together to execute great feats. AI gathers the deep machine learnings and presents to you a summary of what works and what doesn’t, helping you to plan your next strategic move.  

In the world of marketing technology, you’d be lost without an Albert by your side. He does A/B creative testing, mixing and matching at pace and scale, in real time. He identifies the right mix, but he doesn’t know WHY it works, he just knows it works. That’s where you as the marketer can shine. You can answer the WHY. You’ll have excellent high quality data to rely upon courtesy of your AI colleague, enabling you to shape future campaigns and ad spend quickly and accurately 

As per recent McKinsey Global Survey on AIorganisations are using AI as a tool for generating revenue, with many respondents attributing a 20 percent lift in earnings to AI.  And these companies plan to invest further to accelerate all things digitalcreating a wider divide between AI leaders and the majority of companies still struggling to capitalise on the technology.” 

The simple message, don’t be a lagger, be a leaderIt’s time to integrate an Albert into your team, and work handinhand to maximise budgets and achieve real business outcomes.  

And the best part is, you’ll never have to take him to lunch. 

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