How and why Optus chose AI to join its performance marketing team

Retailer marketers and digital marketers alike have found the last four months increasingly challenging. Finding new customers and being cost effective at the same time can seem illusive inside the ‘walled gardens’ of Facebook, Bing and Google. Customers are behaving differently. The profession of performance marketing has not got any easier. The ability to test and try new concepts quickly is increasingly important as consumer sentiment changes.

We asked Optus to share its journey to having Albert AI join its marketing team as a valuable contributor.

Optus approached the Marketics team (distributor of Albert AI in this region) with the following questions.

    • Could AI marketing technology drive a more efficient cost per acquisition?
    • Could the technology optimise to multiple business objectives and still drive those efficiencies?
    • Could the business target previously untapped audiences?
    • Was it possible to test creative at scale, with mix and match copy variations to drive performance?
    • Did the business have the right investment mix in digital channels? If not, how could Albert help the team deploy the right mix to maximise performance?
    • And ultimately, could AI really take some of the heavy-lifting away from laborious media implementation so that the people on the team could instead focus on developing world-class marketing strategies?

It is almost two years since Optus called the team at to find out if could help them do things differently. It was setting itself up for the future. Not realising how much the landscape would and could continue to change.

Albert AI has been doing his job and delivering consistent results even through the recent turbulent times.

Download the case study on why and how Optus incorporated AI into its performance marketing mix. What worked and how they work gives insights for all marketing professionals on a journey to improve their results.

This case study covers the challenges, process, results and insights – including where Optus will see the future and tips for those considering a future with AI as part of their marketing mix.

Download it now.