Cellarmasters case study


Cellarmasters is Australia’s largest direct supplier of boutique wines. Cellarmasters works with some of the most awarded winemakers in the Southern Hemisphere, and is passionate about educating Australians about wine and creating connections between wine makers and wine lovers.


Digital marketing has proven to be a strong acquisition channel for Cellarmasters, and it continues to grow. Managed in house, there are always resource constraints which arise from the significant increase in the competitive landscape and sophistication of digital advertising channels.

Legacy data systems provide limitations to integrate with most of the latest platforms and applications, which had limited Cellarmasters in accessing enough data, or the right data, to execute fast and effective marketing campaigns. This is what made Albert so appealing – technology that connects directly to search and social accounts, allowing implementation to take place without having to touch custom systems.

The Cellarmasters marketing team had limited personal experience with AI a year ago, so gaining the endorsement of their leadership team and putting trust in the new technology partner was paramount to undertaking the process of integrating Albert.


Albert provided an AI solution that could integrate with digital advertising accounts and would scale the Cellarmasters marketing and product offer decision making at pace, and react in real time to customer behaviour. Albert’s ability to execute autonomously and at speed was appealing,  and created opportunities to free up the team to focus on strategy, exploring new opportunities and find efficiencies across their total digital marketing and distribution channels.


“Since implementing Albert the return on advertising spend has significantly increased to a point we previously weren’t able to achieve. Albert has also freed up time to allow our Digital team to focus more on strategy and less on execution,”  Luke Calavassy, Head of Innovation – Cellarmasters

  • Google Search cost per acquisition (CPA) has reduced by 54% YoY
  • Google Search return on ad spend (ROAS) has increased 149% YoY
  • Google Search generic ads impression share has increased 34% YoY

In addition to the impressive search metrics, the Cellarmasters team also credit Albert with the ability to scale their reach on Facebook thanks to the ability to execute multiple types of creative executions, personalised to different audiences. Their Facebook ad unit tests delivered results and insights much faster and with greater depth than if the team had conducted them manually. Results from Albert provided timely and effective feedback and direction on creative so that the team could adjust messaging on the fly, and they have observed more effective product planning thanks to the availability of large data sets and results on hand, at any moment.

The Cellarmasters business has also discovered some interesting and unexpected insights about their brand, purchase behaviour and which marketing executions resonate most powerfully with their customers. It seems simple and functional creative for certain campaigns performs significantly better than more ‘beautiful’ ads. And surprisingly, Tuesdays perform very well for sales, which challenged a strongly-held belief Cellarmasters had that their best performing ads featured later in the week.

Cellarmaster’s top three tips for others considering Marketing AI Technology

  1. Don’t underestimate the creative resources required to produce enough variations to effectively test and execute on meaningful learnings. With the optimisation being largely taken care of, creative is becoming significantly more important – so invest in it.
  2. Once you have done your research, and selected a partner, have faith in the platform. In the early days, you have to resist the temptation to interfere – so grit your teeth, listen to your partner and give the AI time to do it’s thing.
  3. Despite AI being another layer within your business, never lose sight of the customer and continue to keep them at the centre of all your decision making. Use AI to gather more insights quicker, so that you can improve your customer experience faster than ever before.