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The Big Red Group takes a stake in AI marketing platform

After working with the Marketics’ Albert AI team for more than three years and continuing to see great results, CEO David Anderson announced on 7 July 2020 that The Big Red Group has taken a stake in Albert AI. 

“With the increased demand on performance marketing effectiveness and the Albert AI wanting to have a dedicated team in our region it made sense for us to transition from licensee to shareholder in the business.” he said. 

“What this means is that we can build more integrated capability on the ground here alongside resources in New York and Tel Aviv to offer Australian clients, such as Optus, incremental support and insight.” 

Albert AI is an autonomous marketing engine that serves campaigns and adjusts creative on the fly across the digital media landscape. Marketing professionals and creative people find that Albert gives them more bandwidth to work on strategy, campaign design and optimising the marketing reach and effectiveness. 

Big Red Group became the exclusive distributor of Albert AI in July 2017, and in that time has built a team of dedicated digital marketing AI professionals serving clients across many industry sectors. 

Albert AI has continued to grow worldwide and serve global brands and in doing so has sought to increase on ground teams in different time zones to support the geographic requirements of these clients 

The local team remains unchanged and jobs are expected to be created as the global clients begin to be supported here in Australia. 

“This demonstrates our commitment to the success of Albert AI and our belief that consumer brands in our region will be seeking new tools to more effectively find audiences as consumer sentiment shifts quickly.” said CEO David Anderson. 

“Naomi Simson and I as co-founders of BRG are delighted by this investment and what it will mean for Australian consumer businesses.” 

If you have an interest in understanding more about if Albert AI would be suitable for your online consumer business please contact us and we can send you some more details.