Because Albert Knows, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

“The typical process of manually rolling up data to identify some broad actions that might drive improved results has inherent limitations. My team and I now understand that Albert’s autonomous optimisations leverage the true power inherent in our digital campaign data.”

CMO of global FMCG with operations in 200+ countries

Consumers don’t make it easy for marketers. Different tastes, different interests, different personalities, different needs. This makes the life of a marketer as challenging as climbing Mount Everest blindfolded. Lots of undulations, crevices to fall in, cliffs to stumble off and not a whole lot of certainty as they bravely put one foot after the other in the hope of gaining traction. Quite simply, there’s a whole lot of risk in getting it wrong.

Enter Albert AI. Expert guide. Able to scale great heights in milliseconds, process data like it’s nobody’s business and help marketers not only gain their footing amongst a treacherous consumer landscape, but actually excel.

Albert’s superior abilities were recently put to the test in one of the more challenging industries for marketers, consumer packaged goods (CPG). This industry was recently focused on in a joint study conducted by Boston Consulting Group and Google, in which they determined CPG companies could generate over 10% revenue growth through using AI and advanced analytics at scale.

In this instance, Albert AI was engaged by a world leading CPG company to prove their branding efforts were helping to achieve business objectives. With operations in 189 countries and thousands of brands to contend with, the sheer scale of the business would be enough to overwhelm most. But not Albert, he thrives on complexity. Give him a single KPI to optimise against, sit back and watch him work. Autonomous and effortless.

Keen to gain accurate insights into where return on advertising spend (ROAS) would best be achieved, Albert was asked to compare and measure the company’s online versus offline campaigns via e-commerce site sales. Parallel tests were established on Facebook.

The first test measured an ad campaign across two different Facebook groups. An audience who had viewed a branded video in conjunction with performance ads optimised by Albert, was compared with the general population. Results demonstrated a 1.6% higher ROAS for those who had engaged with the video.

The second test connected offline and online advertising through matched audience interests. A television commercial aired during a popular TV series, and fans of the show were then targeted on Facebook by Albert with performance ads.

Now Albert has an uncanny knack of unveiling surprising and unique insights, and this was no different.

The results revealed an unforeseen synergy between offline and online marketing investments, with ROAS 1.57 times higher than benchmark, causing the company to rethink its entire approach to previously disconnected upper and lower funnel efforts.

Because Albert Knows, One Size Doesn’t Fit All Graph

And the surprises keep coming, as this global fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company discovered when they engaged Albert to grow their customer loyalty program and reduce costs per lead. With their operations spanning 200+ countries, Albert’s ability to mix and match campaigns at speed and cater to individuals at every stage of the funnel delivered results beyond imagination.

Albert executed over 11,340 variations, optimising audiences, ad sets and lookalikes, and reduced costs per lead by an impressive 72%. He dispelled the company’s talent-driven approach to increasing loyalty program sign-ups, and instead uncovered that product assortments featuring promotions delivered far greater returns.

You see, Albert understands that one size doesn’t fit all. He provides choice, tailoring communications to consumers based on their personal preferences. There’s nothing more enticing than meeting someone who takes the time to really understand you. And the beauty of Albert is, that it actually takes him no time at all.

To read the CPG report, click here.

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