Autonomous  Targeting

Find customers using Autonomous Audience Identification and Targeting


A major component increasing the efficiency of Albert’s optimization derives from his ability to explore and expand audiences, or weed out the wrong ones. He can create audience lists on the fly, at machine pace and precision.  He does this across multiple platforms in a continuous fashion; each channel providing its own avenue to expand the reach of your campaign.

Segment and Micro-Segment Creation

Albert’s targeting is based on your objectives, previously collected CRM data, incoming engagement data, and Albert’s calculations.

  • Segments can include current customers, site visitor segments, lookalike audiences, or entirely new audience
  • Albert creates more precise site visitor segments on-the-fly using a combination of different customer engagements
  • He tests hundreds of variables against these segments in a fraction of the time it would take a human marketer to do
  • Albert will only focus efforts in areas that drive conversions and increase engagement, identifying entirely new audiences as he goes
  • Creating more calculated segments enables Albert to continuously adjust his optimization accordingly per segment

Targeting an Audience of One

Albert can target down to what is available in each provider:

  • By location
  • Site placements categories topics scheduling device demographics
  • In Facebook: demographics/interests/geography/schedule

Albert can expand targeting through:

  • Keyword expansion
  • Lookalike modelling on Facebook and display, on customers and/or highly engaged site visitors from audiences engaged in branding activity moving into performance

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