Autonomous  Media Buying

marketers are spending a lot of time sifting through data to figure out the who, what, and where regarding their customers.

In our corner of the world, marketers aren’t spending time crunching numbers in order to try to decipher all the data that digital media companies have laid at their doorstep. Instead, they focus their time and energy on their core strengths: the ability to strategize, tell stories, and create marketing magic.thanks to artificial intelligence

Full Transparency 

  • Albert works straight off of your accounts – all metrics and spend are visible and owned by you
  • Albert operates as a source of truth between Google and Facebook with no inherent biases
  • Inside Albert provides marketers an “under-the-hood” look into how Albert breaks down the campaign activity including high performing media, regions, audiences, creatives, etc

Ad Fraud be gone, Albert has no use for you

  • Identifies and weeds out fraudulent traffic sources as they appear along the campaign journey, without the need for regular human supervision
  • Stores all source information to apply to all future purchasing decisions ensuring current and future campaign safety while focusing budget and learnings on bot-free traffic sources

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