Albert And Transparency:
Building Trust With AI Marketing

Albert And Transparency: Building Trust With AI Marketing

Marketers are spending a lot of time sifting through data to figure out the who, what, and where regarding their customers.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve, one of the most pressing issues we must address is how to locate the line that separates uniquely human tasks from those best suited to intelligent machines. We must ask not only what can machines do, but what should they do? 

The struggle to answer this question is slowing the adoption of AI across a variety of sectors. In spite of its potential to transform entire industries, many businesses remain hesitant to fully embrace the technology.

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  • Learn about AI’s role in data collection and processing – targeting the right devices and channels, and determining how to attribute success
  • Discover decision framework – autonomous action on insights, traceable and transparent decision-making and marketing goals