AI And The Customer Experience

AI And The Customer Experience
Big Red Group

We all know that the journey is more important than the destination.

And that rings as true in marketing as it does anywhere else. For marketers, more important than the eventual purchase of a product or service is the journey that takes customers to the checkout line: from the ads that made them aware of the product, to the store that stocked it, and even to the rewards program they signed up for after purchasing. The story of that journey will help marketers repeat their success with one customer with thousands more in future campaigns.

As digital marketing begins to overtake more traditional forms of outreach, tending to the customer journey increasingly depends on the creation of engaging digital experiences (DX).

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  • Discover how digital fits into the customer journey
  • Learn the challenge of creating digital experiences, the factors complicating DX and the path forward
  • Understand the powers, and risks, of AI-driven experiences